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Steps on how to teach intermediate level


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I have been consistently teaching English as a Second Language(ESL) both man to man and Home-based online  to Koreans for almost 5 years now, Taiwanese and also Kurdish as Home-based Online Tutor or Teacher for 3 years now. It's my passion to teach that's why I would like to share to you the effective strategies of teaching English for intermediate. For intermediates we need to focus on their understanding English. First thing you need to do is to test his/ her level, ask him or her basic questions and if he/ she could answer back, but in broken and not so correct grammar that's the time you correct or teach him/her basic form of sentence constructions.Next let him/ her  read some simple phrases if he/ she knows how to read, then there's no problem teaching him or her basic grammar. Lastly help him/ her express themselves in speaking and writing asking them all about themselves and their interests and their daily routine in that way they can express themselves based on their own experiences. We should not under estimate intermediate students, the same as beginners we should give them the impression that studying English is easy and fun. Hope that helps you guys who wants to have a career in teaching English to non native speakers. If you have questions and suggestions please feel free to ask me.

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How about trying to have intermediate conversations while integrating some imagery? Maybe not PowerPoints (I hate those) but something. I have taught a little intermediate level. It can be tricky because there is a range of each level. But I think it is a good time to start teaching cultural things too.

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