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Does anyone out there speak Malagasy? We can use this thread to converse if you like. Here is something to start us off, if there is anyone out there who is interested:

Manao ahoana Tompko?

Inona no vao vao?

I Saholy ny anarako.

Iza mo ny anaranao?

Avy aiza ve ianao?

Avy etat-unis aho.

Mianatra miteny Malagasy ve ianao sa efa mahay?

Nianarako ny fiteny Malagasy 5 taona.

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Am I correct that Malagasy is the language of Madagascar? If not I am sorry for my ignorance, but that language does sound very beautiful and fascinating.  I hope you are able to find someone to share it with soon.

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I'm sorry for replying to this so late, for some reason I thought I would receive a message when one of my posts got a reply, but I never got one! I wonder how many others are out there? Anyways, Malagasy is the official language of Madagascar. Madagascar is off the continent of Africa and nestled in between the Mozambican Chanel and the Indian Ocean. It is felt that years ago, people immigrated here from the island of Borneo. Some language similarities have been found to prove this theory true. But since the original inhabitants came there have also been Arabic, Indian, and African immigrants which also added to the language making it unique to the island.

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