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You could watch the movie I just watched, the french in the movie was very clear and great for students!  I'm talking about ''La vie en Rose''.  It's a 2007 movie about Edith Piaf, I had heard some of her songs before, so I thought of watching it!  I was very happy about it, it was a very enjoyable movie!

She was nothing like I expected her to be, but that's a good thing, she was temperamental like most artists, but she never forgo her dad and best friend, she helped her dad til he died. That tells me she was a good person. Watch it, I even enjoyed the french in the movie  :tongue:

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I haven't had a chance to watch it myself, but I always hear praises for the film Amelie so I'm guessing it has mass appeal at the very least. I hope to watch it too someday but I usually have to be in a very specific mood to watch foreign films and those phases don't come too often. If I watch it anytime soon I'll come back here to chime in on what I thought about it.

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Holy Motors if you're into Lynchesque surreal madness.

Tell No One (Ne Le Dis À Personne) if you'd like an excellent French thriller-drama.

But really TV shows are the best for learning a language. The cop show Spiral (Engrenages) is excellent (but be warned, it's not for the weak of stomach).

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I watched La Vie en Rose too. It was pretty good, but kind of sad. But that seems to be a common theme for movies about famous artists.

Anyway, some other movies are:

Paris Je t'aime

L'Auberge Espagnole


Jean de Florette

Manon des Source

La Femme Nikita


Some good American French movies are:

French Kiss

Le Divorce


To Catch a Thief

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