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Professions in Dutch


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Here is a short list of professions in Dutch, if you'd like to add a few more words you know, please feel free to do so, because it would be great others could use this list as a reference ;)

Male:                                  Female:

acteur                                actrice                                    Actor

toneelspeler                        toneelspeelster                        Actor (stage)

bakker                                bakster                                  Baker

boekhandelaar                    boekhandelaarster                    Bookseller

schrijver                            schrifster                                Writer

boekhouder                        boekhoudster                          Bookkeeper

dokter                                                                            Doctor

tandarts                                                                          Dentist

kassajongen                      kassameisje                            Cashier

slager                                                                              Butcher

ingenieur                                                                        Engineer

rechter                                                                            Judge

advocaat                                                                        Lawyer

journalist                          journaliste                              Journalist

kapper                              kapster                                  Hairdresser

postbode                                                                        Mail man

monteur                                                                        Mechanic

kantoormedewerker            kantoormedewerkster              Office worker

verpleger                          verpleegster                            Nurse

muzikant                          muzikante                              Musician

officier                                                                            Officer

schilder                            schilderes                                Painter

fotograaf                          fotografe                                Photographer

verkoper                          verkoopster                            Salesperson

secretaris                          secretaresse                          Secretary

zanger                              zangeres                                Singer

soldaat                                                                          Soldier

chirurg                                                                          Surgeon

leraar                                                                            Teacher

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My husband is Dutch and I find that I can say the words but I cant always understand them. I often speak to him in Afrikaans and he does understand many of the sentences but when he speaks to me, I just dont get it. My point is thank you for these, I can learn them and show him what I know.

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Note that in recent decades, a lot of the female forms have gone. Journalist, for example is used for both male and female journalists, same with fotograaf, schilder, bakker and muzikant.

On the other hand, I noticed you left out the female form of teacher, which is lerares.

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Thank you :D  I just started taking Dutch serious again!  I'm studying almost everyday, so thanks for pointing that out.  Very soon I might be able to attempt to write something on here in a decent dutch :P I sure hope so... one thing I've having a lot trouble with is the word order in dutch!  Other than that all is good!

I'll create a thread on that soon, because the word order in some phrases really confuses me... like for example this: ''om dat ze naar nederland gaat'', why can't it just be something like ''om dat ze gaat naar Nederland''?  Just curious!  I also noticed this with phrases like: ''Om dat ik van jou hou'', why can't it be: ''Om dat ik hou van jou''?  You know, more like english?  I'm just curious and wanted to know if there is some explanation for this?

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