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Have you done those exercises in class XD


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So today I was working on my personal craft blog and going through some really old posts and dig up these pictures  :laugh: I stitched them for my French classroom teacher years ago, for her birthday. She was a great teacher and a lovely lady :grin:

Anyway, have you done this type of exercises in class? We did so often, and I liked them, especially compared to the ones with verbs and tenses, blah! :tongue:

I also liked the ones with comprehension reading, as the articles were often quite interesting themselves. When preparing for the DELF exam, I remember we worked with one article about the french rock group KYO and I felt pretty proud that I was the only ones who knew the meaning of the word manga :laugh: By the way, I checked the group later and they turned to be quite good.

So, what do you thick of the different types of exercises found in our notebooks that help us learn :D


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Are you asking if we've done stitching as part of a French class? I've never heard of such a thing (either here or abroad)- how interesting.  What kind of a project was it and how do you feel it was useful? It seems to me like you'd be spending a lot of time on just a few words this way.

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Err, now these were just for illustration  :tongue: Tho I did stitch them.

I was just asking in this topic what were your fav  French exercises. And maybe if you did those kind of exersices in class, like Cherchez l'ereur or Trouvez l'intrus (both are about searching a word that doesn't belong with the rest in the line.) I loved this type, because it was fun and easy. Reading with comprehension was another type I liked - in opposite to grammar :)

I am sorry if my first post confused you. Stitching is just my hobby. Most likely, it won't help you to learn French. I just thought it would be cute to decorate the thread and make it more colourful, lol.

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I remember a storytelling activity in Spanish class in high school.  We would collectively tell a story.

Each person would contribute a sentence or two to the story and the next person would pick up where that person left off, and continue the story, and so on until everyone in the class had a chance to participate.

It was a lot of fun -- and we did a fair amount of giggling.  So much fun, in fact, that it didn't seem like a drill or an exercise and yet, it was a great way to practice and improve language skills.

I'm sure there must have been other activities but that's the one that I still remember. 

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