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Words, vocabulary. Ord og ordforråd.


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Words that are heard a lot in Norway  in the winter are:

ski, snø, sol, mørke, mørketid, lys, peis, kos.

There are a lot of words for light and dark and sun , as its very light  during summer, and parts of the country have midnight sun, the rest is never dark and in most places in the middle of summer you see the suns golden crest grace the horizon.  In the winter is is dark, the darkest time is around Christmas and  to mid-late January.

So words for darkness and light are important and plenty.

Also there is the words kos and koselig, that have several meanings.

KOselig is a word that is hard to translate, it is a word that describes a setting and shared feeling of having a good time, its nice and cozy ,and we are in a relaxed and friendly state.

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Dusk the hour  between sundown and dark, there are several words for that the usual one for

duskis skumring

The blue hoer or blue light ;blåtimen , den blå timen - this is particular in the summer, when all nights are the blue light, as the sun just hovers right beneath the horizon for a few  short hrs befor rising again, and the sunsets are long and beautiful.

Another word commonly used is tussmørke tusse, is a something between an imp, an elf, a gnome and maybe even a distant relative of a troll, but generally into mischief and not evil.

Tussmørke ; tusse-darkness, the light when this creature can move mostly unseen like a shadow in the shadowlight. A well know figure in the Nordic tales and old stories.

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Hhehehe, koselig? It reminds me of the dutch Gezellig, which it translates to basically the same, but between you and me I prefer the Norwegian koselig ;)  I really miss Norway, and wish i can go back there very soon. My favorite country in Europe ;)  and I mean it! I love how nice you guys are, specially compared to dutch people and the atmosphere!  Wow!  I experienced the happiest moments of my life in Norway :)  Best time ever, and no am not joking or exaggerating. 

I might learn some Norwegian later on, so next time I go there I can speak some Norwegian :)

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