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Conjugating verbs


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In the English language, there are many verbs, adverbs, and helping verbs that are of use in the spoken language as well as it's written form. Today, I wanted to take a proper look at how to conjugate or mix up helping verbs with various forms. It makes it easier to say if something did not, was not, had not, would have, could have, etc. without having to spell the two words out. Below are some examples of the two words. Next to each two words will be their conjugation in relation to them.

would have      would've

could not          couldn't

do not              don't

did not            didn't

I have              I've

let us              let's

First, let's take a look at would have and would've as well as could not and couldn't. When would have is conjugated into would've, the 'ha' in have disappears. This means when it is spoken, 'ha' would also be omitted. That's because the purpose of conjugation is to shorten the two words, thus some of the letters and sounds are eliminated. As for the 'not' portion of could not, the 'o' is simply replaced by an apostrophe. This is done for the same reason.

Next, let's (heh, get it?) move on to didn't and don't. These are essentially similar, but are used in different contexts; most often didn't being related to a past tense happening.

Thus far, I think that's everything. However, if you feel the need to add something or to ask something then please feel free to share. Language is a learning experience after all!

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