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Is Heidi by Johann Spyri, a good book to read?


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I know the story well, as it has been translated into many languages and was  made into many booklets and even TV shows in several European languages.

As an adult I find the story rather sad, like many other good stories, but I also think that it will be a good read in German, what do you think?

There are several online resources, here is one http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/7512 .

Do you think it is a good read, or not at all?

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I adore this book! I'd loved it since I was a little girl - it was one of the first books that I'd really liked when I was young and it's still one of my favourites. I believe that it's a good read. Besides, like most sad stories, it has a strong message. It shouldn't be ''skipped'' merely because it's sad. Most of Andersen's fairy tales are sad - we still read them to our children.

The Girl with the Matches, anyone?

It's a story about a poor girl who is out in the streets on New Year's Eve, alone, with her mother's slippers and a box of matches and everywhere around her, people are preparing for the New Year's and baking cookies and cooking fine dishes - and she's so hungry and the scents are mouthwatering. She dies in the end, cold and alone.

I remember crying when I'd read this one, but I'd liked it. It was one of my favourites as well. So yes, I do believe that Heidi is a good read. I really felt for Clara, but I also felt for Heidi. Going through their story and feeling it is a great experience. That's something that can truly make you feel nobler.

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