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Scary Tutelage Through Repetition

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Recently, I went on vacation up in North Carolina to be with family for Thanksgiving. While there, I found out one of my younger sisters was failing her Japanese class. I couldn't help much, but I decided to start incorperating some basic Japanese phrases in her daily life and drilling her on them several times daily. I was there two weeks but her Japanese teacher was happy at the amazing improvement my little sister had went through. However, according to my little sister, I couldn't be a tutor because I'm far too strict on teaching and like to randomly say the words too often. I don't think I was being too scary...but what are some ways I probably could've been a better semi-tutor without having to be too strict on my sister or is it that she just didn't like the extra work?

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It appears as if she doesn't want to go the extra mile and she fails to comprehend the full scope of what it means to learn a language. A couple phrases helps, to be certain, but making complete sentence structure and still making sense while speaking it is two different ideas altogether. I'd tell her to take it nice and slow and start repeating certain phrases over and over until her English word becomes associated with the Japanese version. I won't lie; I've been watching anime. I've heard it for 10 years now, all the time in Japanese with subtitles. I've started to pick up how they talk, where to stress vowels and syllables and where the action part of a sentence goes.

It takes effort and a willingness to remember it all.

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