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Quick Useful Phrases and Words


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Certainly, these are useful. It's true that most of these are non sentences, but still, this is something used extensively in everyday speech, so I believed it should be included here. All corrections and additions to this list are, of course, accepted:

Good Bra

Bad Dårlig

Big Stor

Small Liten

Today I dag

Now Nå

Tomorrow I morgen

Yesterday I går

Yes Ja

No Nei

Fast Fort

Slow Sakte

Hot Varm

Cold Kald

This Dette

That Det

Here Her

There Der

Really? Virkelig?

Look! Se!

Sorry! / Pardon me! Beklager!

Sorry Unnskyld!

No problem! Ikke noe problem!

And now the wh-questions, or in this case, the hv- questions, or so it seems:

What? Hva?

Where? Hvor?

Who? Hvem?

How? Hvordan?

When? Når?

Why? Hvorfor?

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Yes , but sometimes this is not right either, even though you can translate the words, the maening des not always correlate.

Slow - can be translated sakte , sen / treg .

He is always slow =  Han er alltid sen /treg. Someone is slow.

He is always late ( as in arriving later that scheduled) = Han er alltid sen ( han er alltid sent ute).

It goes really slow today= Det går veldig tregt idag/ Det går veldig sakte i dag. (the colloquial form is tregt) Something is slow

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Thank you for pointing these things out. As I'd said before, I do not speak Norwegian, I am only trying to help. You can also modify all of my posts - I do not mind. Correct whatever you think needs correcting, erase whatever you feel needs to be erased...

After all, both of us have only one thing in mind - help people study the languages. I would love to hear your opinions on all the posts! so, once more, please, feel free to correct any of my mistakes, be they common or not.

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