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Rosetta Stone and other tools

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Who is also using Rosetta Stone? Are you using Spanish or Latin American Spanish? Which do you prefer?

Because I live in South Florida I chose Latin American as most people where who speak Spanish do speak broken Spanish, Spanglish and Latin American Spanish language.

What I find also helpful is using Google Translate to learn speech and expand vocabulary but feel it's probably not very reliable but it still helps.

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My friend is learning the Latino American version, we figured out it was a better choice, because most Spanish speakers in the world are Latino Americans.  She is using mostly Pimsleur, and also Duolingo.  The latter is really cool, because they use a rather neutral Spanish, so if you haven't give in a try yet, I recommend you to do it now.

That place is awesome and has helped me a lot learning lots of new words and understanding the language structure of the language I'm trying to learn.  It's awesome!  Plus, Spanish students can actually have the chance to compare their speaking skills.

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