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Food and meals


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Melk - milk

Brød - bread

Brødskive - slice of bread

Rundstykke - breadroll / like bagel

Knekkebrød - flatbread ,like Wasa hard crispy rectangular piece or round

Smør - butter

Margarin - margarine

Ost - cheese

Smøreost - spreadable cheese

Syltetøy -  like jam ; this is not a jelly or marmalade, it is usually fruit and  berries cooked and stirred with sugar and contains pieces and sometimes more or less whole berries.

Pålegg - whatever you put on your piece of bread or knekkebrød , so cheese, syltetøy, egg, cuts of meat or anything else you put on.

Egg - egg  (in  Norwegian egg is one of those words that stay the same in single and plural)


Skinke(påleegg) - cuts of ham

Kylling-pålegg - cuts of chicken

Makrell i tomat - mackerel in tomato-sauce

Kaviar - usually this is in a tube and is spreadable ; caviar with some sauce



Nutella  - chocolate spreads with or without nuts and milk

Agurk - cucumber

Paprika - bell peppers ,paprika

Tomat -tomato

Jus /juice - juice

Saft - concentrated sweet fruit/berry lemonade/juice diluted with water.

Frokost - breakfast

Formiddagsmat , lunsj -  brunch, lunch

Ettermiddags mat - meal between 13.30 and 17.30

Middag - dinner

Kveldsmat - evening meal before bed-time(every kid will have a evening meal after dinner)

Nattmat - midnight or late night meal, typically after a late movie or after a party on your way home or after you get home.

Matpause - break for food , at school they call the break in the middle of the day for "Matpause" its usually the longest break and you have allotted at least 20 minutes to eating your food.

Matpakke - your pack of food , that you bring with you usually in your lunchbox.

In Norway you bring your matpakke with you to school and work, it usually contains slices of bread with pålegg.

Eple - apple

Pære - pear

Banan - banana

Druer -grapes

Løk - onion

Vårløk -spring onion

Purre - leek

(hode)kål -cabbage

Gulrot - carrot

Kålrot - swede ,rutabaga

Fenikkel - fennel

Potet - potato

Reddik - radish

Beter - beets

Rosenkål - Brussels sprouts

Erter -peas

Kjøtt - meat

Får, sau, lam - cheep , mutton

Gris - pig

Ku - cow

Okse - ox

Kalv - veal

Kylling - chicken

Høne - hen

Hare - rabbit

Geit - goat

Kalkun - turkey

Pølse - sausage,

Wienerpølse / grillpølse - hot dogs

Skinke - ham

Fisk - fish

Fiskeboller - fishballs , usually white fish mixed with flour,milk,salt,pepper into a smooth "dough" and made into small balls that are boiled in eater, and you buy them ready made in a tin or vacuumed-packed , you eat them sliced up on bread or heat them up for diner.

Fiskekaker - fish cakes , usually with mix of different  minced fish, onion, chive, pepper,salt, potato starch sometimes with flour and milk , a coarser meatier cake , usually buy it ready made and eat for dinner,

Kjøttkaker - mix of minced meat, onions, pepper, salt, spices , eggs or flour made into cakes and cooked on a skillet or cast iron pan, eaten for dinner. You can buy them ready or make your own.

Kjøttboller - like Kjøttkaker or cooked in sauce like Italian meatballs.

Saus - sauce

Grønnsaker - vegetables

Suppe - soup

Gul ertesuppe - Swedish yellow pea soup

Surkål - sort of like Sauerkraut

Rødkål - red cabbage cooked in a saft from red berries, sugar, a bit of vinegar and water with spices.

Fårikål - mutton in cabbage , layered cabbage and mutton, whole pepper and salt repeatedly until you fill the 15 liter pan, add ca 1 liter water and cook for 2,5-4 hrs adding water if needed , served with potatoes .

Fårikål sesongen - The season starts when the sheep's are brought down from the mountains in the fall, usually in September, the  unofficial national "Fårikåldagen" ( the day of the Fårikål) is the last Thursday in September.

Lofot skrei - Skrei = cod - This cod comes in to Lofoten in February  to April and comes from the Barents sea to spawn and is another national dish , especially along the coast. 

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