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Season Greetings! Merry Christmas and more!


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God jul !  - Merry Christmas.

Vi ønsker dere en god jul!  We wish you a merry Christmas !

Gledelig jul! _ Joyful Christmas!

Fortsatt god jul! - Continued merry Christmas !

Godt nytt år! Happy new year !

Helligdager - Holy days -days when shops are closed. There is plenty in Norway.

Julaften - Christmas Eve - The day of Christmas celebration in Norway (December 24.) Holy  day from 5pm. Shops closes early,and all public transport is  shut down between 3pm(15.00) and 9pm (21.00)

1.Juledag ( første juledag) Chrismas Day (december 25.) Holy day, no shops open.

2.Juledag ( andre juledag) Boxing Day (DEcember 27) Holy Day, no shops open.


13. dag jul , Januray 6, Hellige 3 Kongers Dag.

Fromold one celebrated 20 days of Christmas all the days until January 13 ,the last day  before you had to throw out Christmas  as in the Christmas tree.

Juletre - Christmas tree

Juletrelys - Christmas tree light(s)

Med ønsker om en fortsatt fredfull og gledelig jul 2014 og et godt nytt år! (literal translation below)

With wishes of a continued peaceful and joyful Christmas 2014 and a good(happy) new year !


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