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Everybody's Nihongo and other texts on grammar


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This is one of my primary textbooks in the Nihongo language.  We use this textbook in our basic Nihongo classes, and it contains the following: ぶんけい/bunkei (sentence patterns), れいぶん/reibun (example sentences), and かいわ/kaiwa (conversation).  There are also れんしゅう/renshuu (practice exercises) and もんだい/mondai (questions and problems) for us to answer.

One sample from this text which I would like to introduce is the use of the particle は/ha which is pronounced as わ/wa.  An example is:

Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji / Romaji / English

わたし は マイク・ミラー です。/ Watashi wa Maiku Miraa desu. / I am Mike Miller.

This is one of the most basic rules in their grammar.

Anyway, do you use this textbook as well?  If not, what are your other textbooks that you use?

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I used Minna no Nihongo as well when I went to Japanese language school.  It's quite the useful tool, and it is more intuitive I think than the typical Genki textbooks a lot of North American colleges and universities use.  The conversations and drawings were some of my favorite parts.  These instances are great for learning to listen, read, and comprehend together.  

Aside from Minna no Nihongo, I also used Rosetta Stone, Genki, and Japanese Step-by-Step.  

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I've never heard of this textbook. When I was studying Japanese, I used the two "GENKI" books for beginner's level and "An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese" for the intermediate level. I also looked into the "Yokoso" textbooks for personal study. 

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