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Québecois French Idioms


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Do you have a favorite Quebecois Idiom in French? I live in New Hampshire which is not too far from Canada, so when I was researching French Idioms, these phrases deriving from Quebec definitely caught my eye. I guess even a lot of residence of France do not completely understand them!

I think my favorite would have to be, "Pantoute!" In English it means, "Not at all!" I like it because it's such a simple one-word phrase for a three-word sentence. Talk about convenient! Plus I love that it is so laid back in nature, like a lot of Quebecois idioms are. What are your favorite Quebecois French Idioms?

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So far the only French speaker I have been able to make friends with lives in Quebec! I think my favorite Quebercois idiom would have to be "Avoir de l’eau dans la cave." Which in English means your pants are to short. In France though that actually means you literally have water in your cellar! For a phrase in France that means "your shorts are to short" actually means "we are going to harvest some mussels". That is all highly amusing to me! Mostly because I hate seeing everyone walking around in what might as well be their underwear. I am going to find myself using this idiom a lot!

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