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What do you love about French culture?

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I was just curious what those of you that have decided to learn French, love about the culture? I have read numerous times that finding the culture and people interesting is key to successful language learning. I for example love the French attitude, cuisine, privacy, respect, and etiquette! Of course I understand in other countries that have French as a native language the culture will be different. So what country's culture that speaks French do you specifically enjoy the most?

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I honestly don't love french culture, the only thing I like about France and the french is their baked goods :P  That and their love for fashion and looking good, taking care of themselves, etc.  I wanted to learn french when I was younger because I liked their folk music, and french is one of the most popular languages.  Their people don't make it easier wanting to learn their language anymore tho, lol, but  speaking french if you go on a holiday to a country like Algeria can be useful.

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Personally I like their baked goods as well, but they do have a very strong connection to their language. They love their language and would give up everything for it. Somethings they also like might be their art which is very unique. There might be some people who love their food. What I enjoy the most about them though is their croissants. they are very good freshly baked in France. I had some everyday in Paris. 


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