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Has anybody here attempted to learn Arabic via Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan's website Bayyinah.tv? The site is connected with his college, Bayyinah Institute, a school dedicated to the study of the Arabic language.

For a small monthly fee, he offers quite a lot of material. He has years of experience teaching Arabic in various institutions and seminars, and he presents his method to the world on his series: Learn Arabic with Husna.

Husna is his daughter, and the series is recorded as he teaches his daughter using the same methods he perfected throughout his career. Each episode comes with notes and a small quiz to help the material hit home. He has a wonderful sense of humor and method of teaching.

I tried the series up until Part 8, and I must say it was a wonderful experience. I plan on restarting my membership soon, so I figured I would ask the community here if they ever used it, or even heard of it.

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