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Le/Les -> Se


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Hi everybody

I've been studying Spanish for four months now. I just passed the beginner course, and now I'm on to the CEFR A1- course. I'm having real trouble with these accusative and dative pronouns, and this Le/Les turning into Se, this is next to cryptic?! Any tips on how to think of this?

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Some phrases you might want to check out:

Les dije a ellos que tenían que visitar a su abuela.  In this case ''Les'' is used to refer to several people, the person saying is either giving some explanation to someone or nagging them ;)  ''Le'' is used for only one person as in:  Yo le dije a ella que tenia que irse''. In this case the person  is telling another person something he or she said to someone else.

Se les fue el avión!  (A ellos). Often used when you are just an observer,  or want to  talk about something that took place in the past. Those are the most common uses of ''se''.

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On 12/15/2015, 8:36:34, aliangel3499 said:

I noticed that the phrase still used the word "les", does it have a different meaning in this context? 

Because it happened to "them."

Maybe another example for "se" could be: "Se está enfriando la comida" or "Tu hermano se pasó de flojo."

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