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Neverending Story

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So I saw this a while back, and the user that created it before referred to an instance before his/hers, and I thought this would actually be a great practice. However contrary to last time, to make this experience more productive, I hope with each new addition to the story, that we look over the piece posted before ours and make any corrections or give any pointers as necessary. The purpose of this forum is to better our English but the writing in the last thread was still a bit lacking, I think.

So for those who haven't "played" before, you simply build/add onto the story sentence by sentence, keeping in mind that your addition should be coherent to what came before you. There is an earlier example, as well, if you go back to the forum and scroll down.

So shall we begin?

It had been raining all day, but it isn't anymore.

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...that was when my life changed forever.  Not to break the mood of the story, but, Trellum, you kind of created a run-on sentence.  I love the words you used.  Your wording was beautiful.  To fix the grammar, you just need to replace the comma after "felt" with a period and capitalized the word "the". 

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forgot a comma
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