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  1. I just followed your link and checked your website.MY first impression is: its a great site, the design is good and it is easy to navigate. I am yet to explore your site, though. I will see if your website will be helpful to me or not. I am also a language learner, I am looking to brush my English and learn French
  2. Pictures are very helpful in learning language. Children are taught using picture books and they learn pretty past. To make the children know about cat, it is more helpful to show them the picture of cat instead of explain in words. This is also true with adults. If you are learning English, it is better to show you a picture of cat to help you learn the word cat instead of explain in second language.
  3. The easiest language to learn is your mother tongue. You will learn your mother tongue even if you don't study it. You will be learning your mother tongue just by listening to your parents and other people speaking. Another easiest language to learn is the language that is spoken by people around you. For example, you are in a foreign country and you don't speak their language, however, every now and then you hear people speaking the language, without knowing it you will be l;earning it.
  4. I want to add more to what I have stated above. You cannot dedicate yourself to something that does not interest. Therefore you need to be interested in the language that you are studying, once you are interested, you can dedicated to learn it, which will bring positive results. Additionally, you also need time. If you do not have time, how can youdedicate yourself.
  5. So you are the creator of this app. I use an Android phone and I will check your app on Google Play.Hopefully, this app will be very useful for me. I not only want to improve my English but also want to learn another international language.
  6. English is the most common language. English is spoken more as a second language than the first language. More people are studying English as a second language than the English as the first language.
  7. I learned Hindi by watching Hindi TV channels and Hindi movies. I have been watching Hindi TV shows and Hindi movies since I was a child. I have never looked into Hindi language learning book, however, I am good at reading and listening, my understanding of the language is more than 90 percent. My spoken and written Hindi is just about 70 percent.
  8. Currently, am trying to learn French by self study and self practice, many years ago, after going to French class for two months, gave up learning French. Time management was my main issue. I was working to make a living,thus, I could not find time for the class. I tried to learn in home, however, after a tired day,. I could not muster motivation to open my language book.
  9. When I am learning a language, finding time to practice is my main concern. Since I am a professional and I have to make a living by working more than 8 hours in a day, I cannot find time to learn the language. I work from home thus even during the weekends, I work. Thus I cannot find time to practice even during the weekend. Because of this problem, I have given up learning a new language.
  10. When someone catches my wrong pronunciation, I feel embarrassed, however, I readily accept my shortcoming and learn the work. When I catch wrong pronunciation, I stop the speaker and tell him the right way o pronounce the wold. If he accepts my correction, I will be teaching him again next time, however, if he does not accept his mistake, I will not correct him in future.
  11. I don't use Memrise. However, I have couple of dictionary apps which send me one word every day and I learn that work. Usually, I am learning two words in English every day
  12. I am learning language traditional way. Looking into the books, learning words from dictionary, speaking with the mirror, listening to the audio. I am aware about some language learning tools,however, I have not used them. The problem with language learning apps is I need to be online and slow internet is a big problem here.
  13. I don't think English is the easiest language. I began learning English at the age of 3. I studied in English medium school for 12 years. When I went to college,English was the teaching language, even in university, English was the primary language. Still I have stilted English.
  14. If you go to a language class, you will learn the language even if your don't find time to learn at home, you are at least learning the language in the class. Unless you have a strict routine, and you stick the the routine, it is very difficult to lean at home.
  15. As the old saying goes practice makes a man perfect. However, in order to practice language, you need a person with whom you can have a two way communication. If you talk to yourself, how can you be sure that you are using correct language. Listening helps, however, you must speak out what you listened so that you can memorize it.
  16. Interestingly, in my home country British English is preferred in school and colleges, where as American English is used in the University, Since more and more people are traveling to English speaking countries,they are importing various kinds of English.
  17. The only way to remember what you have learned is by memorizing what you have learned. Read and reread. Write down what you have learned.Speak what you have learned. Practice what you have learned. Talk to the mirror or yourself and repeat what you have learned. Learn memorizing techniques.
  18. There is a beautiful story in Bible.Once human beings had one language. One day they decided to build a ladder to heaven. They gathered and began building the ladder. The Gods became suspicious, they thought once human beings reach heaven through the ladder they are building, they will topple God's kingdom. Then they gave different language to the people. Now the people who were building the ladder spoke different language.They did not understand what the other person was saying. This created a confusion and eventually fight ensued.
  19. Years ago,I enrolled in a language school to learn a language. After weeks, I did not have time for the language class, I stopped going to class and decided to self learn. I was committed to learning, however, I could not learn better. You can self learn, however, you need to be more dedicated and find couple of hours every day to learn the language.
  20. I always carry a dictionary, however, my dictionary is not a physical dictionary.My dictionary is in a smartphone app form. The dictionary also has voice feature, when I want to learn how a certain word is pronounced, I open the dictionary
  21. A person excels in math does mean he will also excel in science. math and science are different subject and need different level of intelligence. Likewise, a class topper may be be able to excel in language class. You need different level of intelligence to master a new language. Your interest and dedication also matters on how fast you can learn the language.
  22. Without dedication you cannot learn anything, even more the new language.Years ago I was learning a Foreign language. I joined a language school and attended one hour class, I was regular for the first month, then became irregular. When the third month came, I stopped going to the class. Had I been dedicated, I would have learned the language.
  23. Looks good to me, however, I wonder if my local language is supported by the app.By the way while learning a new language, I don't want to use another language as a medium. If I use another language to learn a language, my language will become stilted. By anyways I will check this app. I use an Android phone
  24. A research has found that the educated people use slang and contracted sounds more than less educated people. Though slangs are not accepted in written language, we can see people using it. If you don't use slang, you will be speaking writing language. Every languages have slangs and profecency of language can be determined by how efficiently he uses the colloquial terms.
  25. You can learn a language just by listening. I learned Hindi language by watching Bollywood movies. Many people from my home country Nepal go to Middle east as migrant worker, during their stay they learn the language of their host country. They cannot read, they cannot write, but they can speak. Thus most important thing in learning language is listening. After you listen, you must speak it.Speaking will improve your skills. However,. to polish your language you will have to read and write
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