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While some people are more into watching films or TV, I am more into reading. When I was starting to learn German, I was hesitant to read any German books. Because, first of all, I was a little bit furious that I would lose the fun, the interest that I usually have when I am reading (you know what I mean, (When you do not know the language, you do not understand, you do not have fun!).

Some told me to start with kid’s books, since they are of course basic and easy for newbie learners like me. I did not try though, because, honestly I was not so excited to read kid’s cute books and since that time I was into philosophy readings or something, I grabbed this book called “Walden or Life in the Woods” by Henry David Thoreau in German, first published in 1854. Which means, it was written with old scripts, languages etc., so with its German version. When my teacher in “Volkshochschule” (School in Germany, where I continued to learn German) saw the book, she was like, “Oh, I would not recommend you to read that book for now, this has old language, do not start with that book”. But I did not listen, I still read it. It was really hard of course to understand. It took me long to finish the book. But I must say, it was great! But okay, I would not recommend it to newbie though J

So that was my first book that I read in German, then after that one, my readings were almost in German, whether it is fictional, factual etc. Although most of them are written by American authors, I always looked up for its German version. I must say, reading had help me deepen my vocabulary. Great way to learn the language in the process.

Have you read any books in German already? What was your first book? How was your experience?

PS. German version of American books are thicker. Really thicker.

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I also love reading books, in any language, though of couse it's much easier to do so in those that you already know at a better level.

I remember my first novel in German was "Die Leiden des jungen Werthers". It did not go so well :) I was a beginner and struggled with the book for almost the whole summer until I finally gave up. So sad.

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