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Ng and Nang


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Can anyone tell me how to use the two words properly? I think how I understand it is nang is used for verbs and ng otherwise, especially nouns?

For example:

tumawa nang malakas = nang malakas then becomes an adverb

bumili ng prutas = ng is used to identify an object.

Am I using it correctly? There are more confusing scenarios but this is the first one I thought of.

Thanks for your help.

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Hey there, I actually made a tutorial about Nang and Ng. It has been a year so it's been buried. But here's the link: http://linguaholic.com/topic/2660-nang-and-ng-advanced/

It has been awhile and I'm not sure if I have covered all the rules about it. But hopefully that was all. Learning how to use Nang is really hard. I admit that even I misuse them a lot. If ever you are confused with something else, you may let me know and I'll try my best to make a tutorial for it.

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