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"Come Hell or High Water" - One of My Favorite Idioms


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What's interesting about this idiomatic expression is that although it might sound like it's cursing, it's actually not. There's also a great deal of intensity attached to it. It has a no-care tone, as if daring the world to turn the tides. And at the end of the day, you (the speaker who uses this idiom) will still persevere. For example:

  • I will love him come hell or high.
  • Come hell or high water, I will graduate with honors.

This idiom simply means doing whatever it takes to reach a goal or make something possible.

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It has a tone of defiance in it, doesn't it? :) Apparently, there's another colorful idiom that means the opposite:

Lord willing and the creek don't rise - with good luck, God's will, and no major problems

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6 hours ago, czarina84 said:

I have always love "come hell or high water" as well.  It's one of those idioms that is more of a rallying cry than anything else.  It makes you feel empowered just saying it!

Oh yes, absolutely. I have hard time imagining myself saying this without my voice raising in the end and almost yelling whatever comes next. 

Devil's advocate is another one I really like, even though it doesn't always have a positive connotation to it.


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