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For hardcore language enthusiasts, I strongly recommend visiting the UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive : http://archive.phonetics.ucla.edu/

It has recordings of native speakers of hundreds of languages, even rarely heard ones like Eastern Arrernte, Oro Win and Itelmen!

There is even a word list of the now-extinct Ubykh language, yes the language that is supposed to have one of the largest number of sounds in the world. If you think learning Chinese or Arabic or Russian is difficult, wait till you hear the !Xóõ language from the Kalahari Desert. Yes, it's a Khoisan language with so different types of click sounds that at least two-thirds of the sounds in the language do not exist anywhere else except in Southern Africa.


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I forgot to add, besides the massive inventory of clicks, the !Xóõ language also has tones like Chinese, pharyngeal sounds like Arabic and glottalised ejective sounds like Georgian!

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