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Want to learn dzongkha language?


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 I  have decided to post a new thread here about the Dzongkha language, spoken in Bhutan.


I have a few resources available that may help you with your language learning.

 i'am also  developing a new website with everything that is to know about dzongkha and its importance in Bhutan's way of life.




 Tashi delek.


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That language sounds very interesting! We look forward to hearing more about it. Also for learning some of the ways you have learned to speak your other languages. Even if they are your native languages, the ways school systems teach in different countries may help all of us to improve on the ways we learn or teach others. I find Icelandic especially interesting. We had friends from there and the origins of the surnames were fascinating to me! Keep posting!

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That sounds very interesting! It's also very noble and generous of you to offer up so much of your time and resources to help those who are interested in the culture and language. It's very rare to come across such a fantastic offer, all for free. I bet you'll get some takers here. But I probably won't join up, as I don't think I'll have much use for the language. Thank you very much, though :)

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I'm not personally looking to learn any other language that is not dutch right now, but this sounds really interesting :)    I'm sure some members here will find this interesting, we have several members who are into lesser known languages, so I am sure someone will be interested. Meanwhile why not post your resources? 

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