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German orthography reform of 1996


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I haven't been studying German for many years, and now I wonder about the effects of the language reform in 1996. How widely spread is the new spelling? Is it the accepted standard now or do some people still write in the "old" way?

The last time I had contact with German was back when the reform was only starting, so everybody used the old spelling. How much have things changed since then?

If anyone knows, please tell me. The information on the Internet is mixed - some sources say the reform was a failure, others say it was a success and everybody writes in a new way now.

Thanks in advance!


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I had issues learning German for the past decade due to such reform, being uncomfortable using double "ss" rather than "ß" or changing "Du" instead of "Sie."

Today that I'm taking back my German classes after believing to have digested such reform, I found myself that there is a movement or something to derogate it and return to the roots of the language.

Can't say for sure, I'm totally confused now.

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