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  1. I gave up with French because pronunciation was hard for me when I tried it. Later, further learning of English and improved pronunciation of this language made me realized that French isn't that hard when you have have dominated the English pronunciation, but I had no time to take my course back, and while I still want to learn it, it would be until I feel confident with my German. While I know it's possible studying two or more languages at a time, I prefer to do it one-in-one.
  2. My language goal is arrive to December with enough German vocabulary to establish a fluid conversation with a native German speaker. I'm still a long way of distance in this road.
  3. Certainly the main problem with some languages and regional dialects is that there might not be enough posters to respond the many question we would like to make, or not many people interested in those specific regionalisms we could transmit. However it's always nice to know that we can discuss about them under "Other languages"
  4. In México, rap is often confused with hip-hop and reggaeton. Personally I didn't know there was different sub-genres of rap, and frankly amazes me this rhythm is so popular today, when it was practically ignored 32 years ago, when the movie "Breaking'" came into the mainstream back in 1984. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_pzk83luwo
  5. I believe to have reached such comfort zone once I learned enough English to feel confident with my knowledge, but eventually realized that it wasn't comfort at all, only that I lost the initial motivation that got me into learning this language. Fortunately, life took me through a pathway in which I realized my knowledge wasn't enough, and there was still too much to learn, and I got myself trying hard to learn as much as I know now... Yet not feeling to perfect this knowledge though.
  6. I can't stand having a conversation with someone who is always shortening the words, writing long texts without using line breaks or changing the spelling of the worlds to sound/look cool. A bit of all the above it's okay from time to time, but when is done on a regular basis, unless you reply blindly or you waste your time trying to figure out what those shortened words mean, or finding the breaks in a lengthy text, it's truly a headache to me.
  7. El pozole es uno de mis platillos favoritos de la gastronomía mexicana, pero el pozole al estilo Jalisco, que lleva carne de puerco y puede ser blanco o rojo. En otros estados de la repùblica mexicana, el pozole puede ser verde (usando tomatillos) y puede llevar carne de pollo e incluso carne de res, aunque también hay pozoles vegetarianos con carne de soya. La birriia estilo Jalisco, tambien es de mis favoritas, igualmente,esta lleva carne de chivo, mientrás que en otros estados se usa con res. Aquí en la Ciudad de México es más fácil encontrarle echa con res, a menos que la compres en G
  8. This is an update to language search engines with human translation support: MyMemory, by translated net, reads like this: while in some way is similar to Linguee, this engine only focus in the input term you are looking for, without providing further examples of sites using that term or the closest translation. Even though, this is an alternative tool to find human translations. Link is, http://mymemory.translated.net/
  9. It's really nice to see we are not alone really, and also find each other in a forum in which we can talk freely about our reading preferences, without nobody frowning upon them
  10. Hola chicos y chicas de México, de Florida y de todas las otras partes del mundo. Yo nací en la Ciudad de México, misma a la que amo y en la que vivo. Yo estoy en la delegación Iztacalco y me gusta caminar y correr; justo frente a mi casa está la Ciudad Deportiva y desde aquí no sólo contamos con las áreas para ejercitarnos, sino que tambien podemos escuchar gratis todos los conciertos y eventos que ocurren dentro de ella. Cuando es el Vive Latino, pues aquí tenemos 3 días seguidos de música en vivo, pero ahora que tuvimos la Fórmula 1, fueron 3 días de oir los motores de esos coches
  11. There are so many proverbs in Spanish that have no accurate English translation, that make me feel like English is poor when it comes to express the so-called "wisdom of the people" Some examples of proverbs that make hard for me to find an English equivalent are: - Donde manda capitán, no gobierna marinero - De poquito en poquito, se llena el jarrito - Al que buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija And so many others
  12. I remember the Deutsche Well have complete downloadable courses in audio, not just German courses, but different languages available. Long time not visiting such website, but I will look into to see if I can find this material for you
  13. However, adding a bit more about what this article is about would help a lot too. I'm trying to load the page but at this moment it says to have the server experimenting difficulties to get it load I will try in a few minutes again
  14. The book that changed my life positively will sound weird to your ears; "Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft" by Al Maning. I can't help it; I love metaphysics, occultism, witchcraft, spiritualism, ESP, and so on
  15. That's a problem indeed because, while alcohol can contribute for good in some way with someone's actions, on the other hand there is always a risk to get hooked up in alcohol addiction. I do believe to be possible what you say about your husband focusing on his work with just a bottle, but then after think of Ernest Hemingway that, being a great author, alcoholism eventually affected him. Hope your hubby learns to lower his alcohol intake.
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