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Transliteration when the Language word pool is small

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What is your opinion on transliteration when the language word pool is small? I know there are probably a variety of different debates on the subject. For example, one might say that no language is deficient in words but a translator might not yet be efficient in all the meanings behind the words. Yet, other native speakers have uttered these very words to me when using a word from the countries 2nd language to describe what they mean. So my question is, if the true sense of the word/phrase cannot be properly translated into the target language, then would it be appropriate to transliterate (meaning a word for word translation that is not normally acceptable due to grammar structure), and allow the audience to translate the meaning how they would wish? I would love to hear more thoughts on this. 

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Won't it be the sensible route to take? There will always be limits to languages and when we are faced with something that gets us scrambling for the right word in the target language, the next best recourse is to use the word that we know in perhaps our own native language. While yes, structurally or grammatically - using transliteration may not be the appropriate action, but if it helps in getting the message across - then why not? At least in my mind, whatever delivers the message - be it transliteration or exact translation - if the recipient can understand or at least make out what you're trying to say, then one has achieved the purpose of language: effective communication.

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