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If you could build your own language...


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It would be cool if we could take the best words from all languages and then make them into our own language. Since many of us know or are learning several languages, no doubt you have come across words like that which have a unique meaning that is hard to describe in any other language that you know. So what would your favorite word be? And what does it mean? I will get the ball rolling: 


This is a word unique only to Denmark. The other Scandinavian countries are also aware of its meaning but it originated there. The Google translate version of the meaning would say 'cozy' but it has a richer meaning than that which is very hard to describe in my opinion. When you are together with a nice group of friends, candles are lit. fine whiskey being shared, and the conversation goes well into the night without you even knowing it - this to me is the meaning of Hyggeligt. 

What would your favorite language word be? 

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Hyggeligt reminded me of the very unique word used for the Dutch in that same contest, but sadly in English it translates only to ''Cozy''.   I'm talking about Gezellig, of course ;)  It's used in the same way as ''hyggeligt'' :)   At first I had a hard time understanding Gezellig, because Google translate gave me a hard time, thankfully I've been able to talk with some natives about it.  That cleared everything up for me!   I guess Gezellig is my favorite word in Dutch. 

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