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Vitamens for the Broca's area


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Recently, in a post discussing Polyglots, I came across some articles discussing the Broca's area of the brain. This is the frontal area of the brain which is felt by some to be the main area for language learning. There are some who dispute this but the articles were diverse enough to get me to thinking about how one might be able to build up this part of the brain and thus make it stronger for language learning. I have heard that herbal supplements like Ginkgo Bilboa can aid in learning. (For those with blood circulation disorders, it could be dangerous so always get a Doctors approval before taking any medicine or supplement.) I will attach a photo of the tree which is not related to the Evergreen tree but looks a lot like it to me and the fragrance of that tree can help with memory recollection so I wonder if there is some value in the scent of this tree as well but I have never smelled it or seen one. I have only seen the pill form. Apparently in China you can serve the boiled nut with coconut as a dessert. Do you have any specific vitamins or herbal supplements you use? Are there any things you have found that are 'brain food' or the like? 

Ginkgo Bilboa.jpg

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I think it's Ginko Biloba. Yeah, it's an amazing supplement for the brain and is working really well. It's sold over the counter and you don't really need specifically for learning languages, but for focusing better and for learning in general.

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I'm not sure if there are specific vitamins that you can use to improve precisely Broca's area of the brain. However, generally speaking, living a healthy lifestyle helps you learn better. I can attest to this from personal experience - I've noticed pretty significant improvements in cognitive tasks depending on my health at the time - and here are a few of the top ones for me:

1) I avoid sugar as much as possible, it screws with so much in your body.

2) 50% of any meal you eat should be COOKED veggies. 

3) Caffeine and L-theanine works wonders. I get this from drinking about 2-3 cups of organic green tea a day.

4) I exercise 30 mintues of cardio 5 days a week.

Hope this helps!

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