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Hello. I would like to see if anyone would like to learn some Serbian phrases through poems, songs or even movie clips. Of course any question will be answered and the methods are just my suggestions. Serbian language is an old language that is not so easy to learn. It is one of the toughest actually after Hungarian, Polish and Finish I think. Surely in top ten if you omit tribal languages from Africa. It has the only perfect alphabet that is not called alphabet but AZBUKA. The name was coined from the old Serbian letters AZ and BUKI. After Vuk Karadzić's reforms in writing we've got this perfect letter containing 30 letters and 30 sounds. So, no diphthongs or several ways to write one sound like in English. The rule he made was, 'Write like you speak and read as you have written it.' If you learn these 30 letters you will be able to read every Serbian book ever written in modern Serbian language. This is a short introduction and if someone would like to ask me something feel free to do it. I will leave a song sang by my favourite artist so you get the idea of how Serbian sounds.

It has a vague translation.



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