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Salut! I am Marjorie, a native English speaker (American) living in Normandy, France for 3 years now. I have studied French formally for almost 2 years here and feel I have not made the progress I expected of myself.  I have passed my level A1 and A2 and almost feel guilty about it since I do not think I am good enough to have passed them!  My husband is French as is his son. When I speak French to them, they reply back in English! Clearly, this is not helpful as it does not promote the usual give and take of natural conversation! We live in the countryside so I do not have much opportunity for interaction with French people though I am surrounded on all sides by them! I finished my last class this past October and feel that the bit of spoken French I had attained is slipping away quickly. I am very happy and excited to have found this forum and hope to achieve my goals to become fluent in French, - spoken, written, and reading. (I'm not too bad in reading and writing) I am not confident in speaking yet. Perhaps I will be able to find someone here to assist with that via Skype or something similar. If anyone needs help with their English, I'm ready and willing to help, just ask!  (I am working on my English-as-a-second language teaching certification) I will be applying for French citizenship in the next year or two and will be required to attain my level B1 before then. I am very nervous about this.  

I'm really ready to dive more deeply into this language adventure and learn, learn, learn. Okay, who's with me? Let's get this party started! :lol:

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