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Spanish equivalent of "Now I know my abcs"

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If you're a native english speaker you're probably familiar with the song that goes: "ABCDEFG HIJKLMNOP QRS TUV WXY and Z, now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me." The song is very widespread and it introduces children to the English alphabet. Given that I for the most part like to treat my language learning as if I was a child learning a first language and not an adult learning a second one, I think that a song like this could be incredibly helpful to me. Looking around YouTube it doesn't seem that there's a widespread standard "alphabet song" for the Spanish language. Are any native Spanish speakers familiar with this kind of song, or have any learners found one while they were learning? 

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Mmm not that I remember of. maybe you should try look searching with "abecedario" search term. Because I grew with Sesame Street alphabet songs  :lol:.  I also remember a children  song about numbers. Most of them are Typical wordplay.  

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