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Baby Language


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I'm curious. What do you mean by 'baby language'? Are you talking about the literal language that babies use? Anyway, off the top of my head baby language to me is part of the natural process of language acquisition. Whatever the language the baby is exposed to, s/he will go through the process of learning from people around. The baby's language is formed through imitation firstly, which the baby does through babbling etc. to learning one word at a time, to phrases, until child acquires the language and starts talking in meaningful sentence. :)

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When I said 'baby language', I meant the language babies use when they just learn to speak. It comes in babbles and gibberish and no one ever seems to understand. Except scientists, who recently are developing ways of understanding how babies communicate to one another using this language.

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Wow, I didn't know about this, that scientists are actually studying and learning baby language. I'm a mother of a two year old boy and even up to now, I'd have to listen intently to understand what he is saying. He still says a lot of gibberish words but he can say about I guess, 40 to 50 words fluently already.

But there's this gibberish phrases he says when he's pretending to read a book or a label, lol. For us, it's very cute but I don't actually know if he can communicate with other babies through this secret language. Kind of reminds me of the movie "Baby Geniuses" where babies communicate via their secret gibberish language.

I think it's difficult right now to quality or even categorise this as a language. I guess more research needs to be done to even know if these gibberish and babbles actually translate to something. That could be groundbreaking as well, imagine that with just babbles and gibberish words, we can actually identify our babies' needs so there would be no need for crying when they're hungry or when their diaper is soiled. 

I do think it's just a temporary language. But as far as categorising it, why not? As long as it's proven that they do mean something when they babble this way or that way. 

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