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Más vale solo que mal acompañado

It means: Being alone is preferable to being in bad company

Nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena  -  It´s never too late for joy

No cantes gloria hasta el fin de la victoria    -  Don´t sing glory till the victory is complete

Do you have more nice Spanish sayings to share? Please share it here.

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One I like is "pensar en la immortalidad del cangrejo", which literally translates as "thinking about the immortality of the crab" but is used, informally and humourously, to mean daydreaming.  :smile:

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I've some: 

''Mas vale tarde que nunca'' - Better late than never.

''A caballo regalado no se le ve colmillo'' - You shouldn't look for defects in things that were given away to you or learn to be more grateful when someones give you something.

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I love the Spanish language because it is one of those languages that is easy to learn. As for my favorite quote, here it is:

"Hablar bien descanza la lengua .. y salva los dientes."

Which means "To speak politely is easy on the tongue, and can save the teeth."

Funny, but makes sense to me.  :smile:

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La principal causa de la melancolia es el ocio; no hay mejor remedio que la actividad. This means the main cause of melancholy is idleness; there's no better remedy than activity. I am in total agreement with this quote because I have noticed that when my mind is not pre-occupied with doing something, it's easy for me to get depressed and sad.

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There are so many beautiful and wise Spanish sayings. I love to find and then translate them in my own words. Here are two that I like...

A buen entendedor, pocas palabras bastan.

For some who understands well, less words are needed.

En boca cerrada no entran moscas.

Flies don't enter closed mouths.

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