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What Is The Hardest Language You've Learned?


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Hello everyone! :)

I only know a limited number of languages and so far, it has been easy for me to absorb and learn the basics of the foreign languages I've been trying to learn. Maybe it's also because I am more exposed to native speakers of my languages of interest. Most especially when it comes to the Korean language, I have a number of Korean friends and I also used to teach English to Korean students that's why I also got to learn their language straight from them.

I'm just curious as to what language is hardest to learn and why. What was the hardest language you have learned and how much time did you spend to learn it?

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If I'm being honest, I don't think there's any very difficult language I've ever learnt, and this is obviously based on my abilities. I learnt French and Italian and I thought they were both ok, not too difficult to learn. Italian for me was even easier than French. Out of all the languages I know, regardless of how fluent I am in them, I think my mother tongue, Setswana is the most difficult. But I learnt that as a child, so that wasn't ever an issue. But I have always thought that if I were learning it as a grown up as well as a foreigner, it would be a very difficult language to learn. 

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This is an interesting question because, of the two languages i'm learning (French and English), French is way closer to my native tongue (Spanish) but since English is so readily available I has become almost impossible for me to not practice my english on a daily basis, so in the end French is the hardest language to learn for me.

I wish there was an app to recommend good movies in different language to you based on what you want to learn.

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I really struggled with learning French but I put that down more to my teacher than anything else because she was so set in me learning the language HER way that I wasn't able to learn the way I needed to learn to understand. I ended up struggling even with basic conversation when I was learning it from her. Since though when I've looked into learning more of the language it's been a lot easier for me to pick up and understand. So while I did struggle a lot with French, it did get a lot easier being able to learn it how I learn better instead. 

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