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Treating ch as a letter and sorting after c


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Spanish or traditional Spanish treats ch as a single character, which is sorted after c. Is this still widespread practice? Do most Spanish dictionaries still do that nowadays? In a discussion forum on Oracle database, I was told "Hace años que la RAE eliminó la "CH" como letra" (See discussion "Ordenar C y CH" at http://www.forosdelweb.com/f100/ordenar-c-ch-1154750/ ). So I'm guessing the trend is to not sorting ch after c.

Also, I'm interested in finding the "official" announcement from RAE that they stop treating ch as a single letter.

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You are right, CH was considered to be another letter, and that happened too with LL. Until the 21st version of the Academic Dictionary, both letters had their own chapters. Please see this translation except of the RAE's website.


Since these are combination of two letters, the words that start with these digraphs or contain them are not organized differently, but in places they belong to within and l respectively. The decision of adopting the universal alphabetic latin order was taken on the X Congress of the Association of Spanish Language Academies, celebrated in 1994, and it is being applied since then in all the academic pieces. 


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Thanks a lot. The RAE Web page you showed is exactly what I want. So, the year after which Spanish dictionaries are supposed to sort words like Chávez and then Cruz instead of Cruz before Chávez is 1994. Good to know.

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