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Japanese grammar resources


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This is a good site as well but may be more suited for the advanced learner. There are a lot of sample sentences showing the various tenses and grammatical endings. However the vocabulary might be a little advanced for the beginner.


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Here's Tae Kim's guide to Japanese grammar. It covers a very wide range of topics, and approaches it in a way that, according to the author, "makes sense in Japanese". I read some of it a while back and thought it was great.

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This is probably the best and biggest database of Japanese grammar explanations available on the Internet at the moment. It uses the old JLPT level system for some reason.


For people who want a good grammar book, I recommend The Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and The Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar.

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I'm currently going through "Japanese The Manga Way" myself, and it's actually a very useful resource for learning japanese grammar.

It may sound like it is another one of those cheap "Learn Japanese Today!" things, but it's really not. It was the only grammar book my library had with Japanese, and I actually like it a lot, and I'd recommend it to any beginner.

It's very basic however, so even if you go through the entire book you're going to need a lot more on top of that afterwards. Personally I'm going to go through Tae Kim's guide after this book, and after that I'll have to hunt down a more advanced resource, but for now this book is really great!

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I've got a ton of resources I'll gladly share!  The great thing about Japanese is that it has a ton of resources, including imported media, compared to other languages.  It's just so accessible when you think of all the other languages out there.  Whenever I start a new language journey, I typically find myself lamenting that there just isn't a lot of stuff available.  Indonesian is a huge pain to try and learn because of that fact!


J-Gram - Have fun with this one; it's a huge database of just about every single grammar nuance you'll ever come across!

Renshuu - Another great one that has its own community to provide answers to whatever questions you have.

Imabi - Similar to Tae Kim's site, but very comprehensive.  The notes are all easy to understand.

Erin's Challenge - If you can get over the fact that the girl playing the British foreign exchange student is very obviously a native Japanese, these videos will be of great help to you.  Register here and go through the lessons.  There's video, manga, and all kinds of stuff to help you out!


When it comes to grammar, those are probably my best recommendations.  I hope they come in handy.

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