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Spanish soft and hard R sound


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Hola, amigos. I´m Spanish learner from Russia. I have been recorded pronunciation of these words: caro,carro; pero, perro
I focus on R sound. Please listen my record and tell me, is my pronunciation of soft and hard R correct? It´s very important for me

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Hola. Your pronunciation of "r" and "R" sounds is excellent. Try to pronounce this: Tan caro es ese carro que por caro no compro el carro.

Erre con erre cigarro, erre con erre barril, rápido ruedan las ruedas del ferrocarril.


Just keep it practicing..... 

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I'm Spanish (from Spain) native speaker. Your R is great, just perfect (a little forced though), if you can use it in a normal converstion nobody will notice the difference.

However, r is a bit strange; I can notice that you are a foreigner.

Keep trying, you have done the more difficult (R), congratulations, some people never arrives! r will be much esier to get, don't worry...

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