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False Cognates in Russian


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Hey guys! My name is Kris and I am new to the forum. I lived in Russia for 8 years and as you can imagine I've been able to pick up the language along the way. So I decided to share what I've learned on YouTube and I thought it might be useful for this community, too. 

Let me know if you have ever run into any funny (or not so funny) situations with false cognates in Russian and how long you have  been studying Russian?

I hope you like the video!



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Also, any name with an ‘u’ or a ‘z’ in it. Once English speakers discover that Russian has a ‘yu’ sound and a ‘zh’ sound, they tend to go crazy, and mispronounce at every opportunity. If I had a ruble for every time I heard Putin misnamed “Pyutin,” I’d … have almost a dollar in change. Last month I spent travelling by train in Russia (this tour http://rusrailtravel.ru/trans-siberian) and should say that the best way to learn Russian is to be fully involved in speaking with russians:wink:

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