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Video games - learning apps in disguise


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Hello everyone,

I work for a game development company, focusing on the educational value in video games, currently working on a game that features learning languages. I do a lot of research on how people like to learn new language via newest technology, and of course first thing that comes to our minds is.. apps. 

There is a number of different applications to help us learn effectively and translate this knowledge into practice - speaking, reading, writing. However, only a handful of those have some kind of a gamification in it - let's say an arcade-like experience, similar to Geometry Dash games.

Would you say, that such a product - a learning app disguised as a game - sounds like an interesting idea? Let's say we are targeting kids - adding value to their time, that would be spent on a videogame anyways. Or maybe you've played such a game - it would be cool if you could share it here. :)

Anyways, looking forward to your opinions!




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Hi MythicOwl!

That idea sounds really interesting. So much of learning a new language comes from listening to music, watching TV shows and movies, and even playing video games in different languages. Additionally, children learn languages much more quickly than adults; it makes sense to use something they already enjoy to teach them about a new language. Good luck on the project! Feel free to share updates on your new app!

- Atlanta English Institute


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