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  1. Hi @linguaholic! Wow, what a great idea! Idioms are incredibly difficult to translate into other languages, and English is known for some odd ones. It's amazing to see how many people have contributed to your project and into how many languages you have been able to translate idioms! This is an important part of learning English, because friends, family, coworkers, and even acquaintances will use idioms to express emotions or situations. Great work! - Atlanta English Institute www.atlantaenglishinstitute.com
  2. Hi MythicOwl! That idea sounds really interesting. So much of learning a new language comes from listening to music, watching TV shows and movies, and even playing video games in different languages. Additionally, children learn languages much more quickly than adults; it makes sense to use something they already enjoy to teach them about a new language. Good luck on the project! Feel free to share updates on your new app! - Atlanta English Institute www.atlantaenglishinstitute.com
  3. That is a great question! First of all, you should choose to learn English in America, if possible. Being around native English speakers and hearing the American dialect spoken all around you is the fastest and best way to perfect the pronunciation of the words and phrases you are learning. If relocating to the USA is not a possibility, try listening to American music and watching American movies and television shows. You will have a pretty good grasp of how idioms and phrases are said in common conversation. Although, even native speaking Americans can pronounce things incorrectly, so b
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