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Is anyone learning a new language to become a TEFOL teacher?


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And so it seems that many people are now learning a new language because it may open doors to new opportunities and the chance to work around the world.

One way of doing this is to teach you own language (for me English) to foreign nationals by joining companies that want you to be accredited by the likes of TEFOL.

Has anyone been down this route and if so, what are your experiences?

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I'm learning new language for personal purposes. I just use the language I learned if I'm traveling but not to be a teacher. I think I don't have the quality of being a teacher. :wink:

Don't count yourself out yet Kit. I know people who thought they would be hopeless and are  going on fine. And many countries now are looking to improve the English of the nationals, China is a big one right now and there seems to be plenty of work there.

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