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should say "文件校对" or "校对文件" and "准备考试" or "考试准备" ?

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Knowing that i want to write a small announcement to propose French individual classes, and that i want to finish with a short list of "others", like this:

以及 文件校对, 考试准备.
Is this correct or should it be the opposite order (校对文件, 准备考试).
By the way, is "校对文件" a proper way to talk about checking on files, correcting spelling mistakes and modifying some sentences?

thanks a lot :) xiexie :)

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文件校对: Documents' proofreading / The proofreading on documents

校对文件: to proofread documents

准备考试: to prepare for examinations

考试准备: The preparation on examination

Determine which one you need according to your sentence and statement. 

The different between them is the noun & verb.


I am going to prepare for examination (我要开始准备考试了)

I am going to make the preparation on examination (我要开始做考试准备了)


Please take the documents' proofreading (请进行文件校对)

Please proofreading the ducuments (请校对文件)

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