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  1. Yes, learning language in a group where you can interact with is a good way
  2. You can try to understand the history during the period you show generally, no need to be exact for whole. In Tang dynasty, Empress Wu of the Tang dynasty was the only female Emperor of China; Empress Wei also tried to intervene the government and politics; The love story between Imperial Concubine Yang and Emperor Xuanzong; etc. There are too many stories, suggest you to try to focus on one, depicting more details. If interested, you can read the poem On the Stork Tower which is also the one achievement in Tang dynasty.
  3. Hah, yes, I learn Chinese proverbs everyday. Many proverbs in China, such as A Year’s Plan Starts with Spring.
  4. Thanks for sharing. It genenrally means that "Someone metions something that should not be mentioned". I also do some exercises in relevant dialogues, such as A tea-house. In addition, I joined one group in Wechat to learn Chinese knowledge shared: jenniferzhu6
  5. Yes, it is good to write Chinese Character by right sequence. I also learn Chinese character in similar comparison, I mean learn one character by comparison between two or more resembled characters, such as Eye Challenge, which strongly impresses me the structure of each word.
  6. Learning a language is divided into listening, speaking, reading and writting. The tone of pronounciation is hard for you, but generally if pronounciation is right, it would not influence the communication. As for listening, large number of exercises are required not only for meaning of essence of Chinese character or sentence, but also trying to analyse it from the whole context. I suggest you to understand more Chinese sentences and different topics, such as What time is it. Hope you can find the reasonable way suiting to you to learn Chinese.
  7. 文件校对: Documents' proofreading / The proofreading on documents 校对文件: to proofread documents 准备考试: to prepare for examinations 考试准备: The preparation on examination Determine which one you need according to your sentence and statement. The different between them is the noun & verb. Eg. I am going to prepare for examination (我要开始准备考试了) I am going to make the preparation on examination (我要开始做考试准备了) Please take the documents' proofreading (请进行文件校对) Please proofreading the ducuments (请校对文件) You can take more exercises to grasp this kn
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