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Best place to study Mandarin in China?

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A friend of mine has recommended I try living in Hong Kong with him for a month. However, every time I hear him speaking to someone from there it's usually in Cantonese. What's the best place in China (or Chinese territory) to visit and practice Mandarin.

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Haha, yeah, you're not going to find many Mandarin speakers in Hong Kong since their main language is Cantonese.

Which dialect of Mandarin are you trying to learn? If you want standard dialect, then you should go to Beijing. But if you want to try something else, maybe you can try Nanjing or Shijiazhuang?

Taiwan might also be a possibility.

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Do be noted that people in Taiwan often do not enunciate their tones as much as people in Mainland China. My brother went back to China after graduating university here in Canada and started to work in Beijing. After about a month, we were talking on the phone and I could clearly hear that he picked up a northern accent from living in Beijing, haha.

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