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Attending second language school.


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Have you guys ever attended a school where they only speak the language you are learning? I think it is very helpful because you get used to speaking in that language and you get better at it!

I've been in school in Quebec once and everyone spoke French at my school. It was a good experience and my French has improved vastly. What about you guys?

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No, but soon I'll have to immerse myslef in the Dutch culture and language!  It will be a bit difficult at first, but I'll have to get used to it, because I might be moving there for good next year :)

I think immersion is a great way to learn and practice a language, not everyone has the chance to travel to the country where they speak the language one is interested in learning, so that's why I think  a second language school is a good idea :)  Immersion will always be the most natural way to go  :smile:

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No, I've never had such opportunity but it does sound interesting. It might also be a bit frightening for some as not everyone can deal with language immersion. For others though, this could be the best way for them to learn a new language.

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