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People Without Spanish Partners Looking For Partners (come on over)

Wolf R

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So here’s my story (I am 14)

my brothers and I started a 100 Day Spanish Challenge. Looking to do as much as we can.

unfortunately I was the one (as the oldest) taking on the teacher role when being a student myself. I was committed and driven. But my brothers were not. While I would spend the time figuring out what we would do for the day to learn some Spanish they just sat there expecting me to do all the work... as well as the learning. They quit on day 13 being tweens with a PlayStation, so I’m stuck here (day 15) without Spanish partners. 

So far I have stored 248 words into my brain.  200 of them being a list of 1000 most common words, and the rest being categorized nouns. I learned the present tense regular verb conjugations, the adjectives conjugations, the nouns conjugations, subject Pronouns, etc. As much as I could learn going at my distracted tween brother’s paces. Which was slow to my standard.

I have found treasure loads of resources (free) that I am mixing into some concoction that seems to be working. As well as other things I forgot.

Hit me up!

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