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  1. Those kind of questions are always so hard to answer. But as Wanda already pointed out, Russian is really not supposed to be easy. Well, it always depends on what kind of language you do speak in the first place, but I suppose your native tongue is English, I do not think that Russian can be considered to be an easy language coming from English. I studied Linguistics for many years and I have some friends that speak up to 10 languages, and usually they would put the difficulty level of Russian higher than Chinese. I have been studying Chinese at University and I am fairly fluent in it, but it took me many years. I am living in China now and that helps a lot. Still, coming from German Or English, I woudl definitely regard Chinese as a very difficult language to learn. Especially speaking and listening. The Grammar, on the other hand, is pretty basic. Just some thoughts after all...If you have any questions about studying Chinese, please let me know. regards Lingua
  2. Welcome to Linguaholic On the top right corner you got a follow button. Click it and choose your prefered option. If you need any more help, just let me know. kind regards Lingua
  3. Very interesting question, indeed. Well, your friends were not wrong, really. In German, the different sounds of the letter R are indeed not coming with a difference in meaning. The difference utterances of R though, that are not carrying a difference in meaning in German may carry a difference in meaning in other languages, though. It is important to be aware of the fact that the letters of an alphabet are only an approximation to the actual 'sounds'. To be more precise, the sounds that people produce for the letter R (for instance in Germans) can correspond to different phonemes, however those phonemes are not carrying a different meaning in German. To 'find out' the phonemes of a language, one has to establish so called minimal pairs ('words' that are only different in one phoneme like 'pat' and 'bat') and check whether a change in meaning takes place or not. I was trying to put this as simple as possible. After all, the explanations are very vague. If you are really interested in this, I can suggest you some really good books on the topic. Within linguistics, we are talking here about the field of phonetics and phonology. Please keep in mind that when you are observing phenomenons like this, it is very important not to give too much attention to the alphabet alone. As you are interested about the production and accurate visualization and classification of the sounds, you need to take into account the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet
  4. Hey there Thank you for that lovely introduction. So happy to see a another linguaholic on my plattform! Best Lingua
  5. I did the first text for you. Hope you can still use it. regards L
  6. are you still in need of help for this?
  7. I can help you later today of tomorrow I guess. I am not at home now unfortunately. welcome to linguaholic.com best, Lingua
  8. Warm Welcome! Where are you from? Poland? and now you will move to Italy? (or planning to do so in the future). That sounds great. I like Italy as well. Best L
  9. Another Swiss Member here on linguaholic.com. That's great news :=)
  10. Thanks for helping our member! Really nice of you.
  11. Hi Teow Nice to have you here on linguaohlic.com! I am a big fan of Japan as well. It's really an impressive place and it's absolutely great for eating and traveling! See you around Lingua
  12. I actually use a combination of books AND computer programs AND Applications. I think combining all different 'methods' and possibilities gets you the best results.
  13. Meine alten Sorgen verfolgen mich nun aufs Neue or maybe Meine einstigen Sorgen verfolgen mich nun aufs Neue. or Meine alten Sorgen suchen mich nun aufs Neue heim
  14. could you provide the translations that you found, please?