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  1. Is this study group active?

    Are you talking specifically about Irish (Gaelge) or the community in general? Best, Lingua
  2. Thank you for those remarks. I can do that. Sure. No problem. Thanks for blogging about it. Really appreciated. regards Lingua
  3. 那你是中国人吗?我现在住在北京:=)
  4. Hi there Yong321. I really feel honored by your words. In Fact, if more than one person is editing the document, you would notice. because it is all done in real-time and you can see the changes of other people immediately and you can see them browsing thru the pages (you can actually see their cursor). Best, Lingua
  5. Foot soldier in German

    did you get any answer on this yet?
  6. indeed! So it is a possessive pronoun here. see here: https://deutsch.lingolia.com/en/grammar/pronouns/possessive-pronouns
  7. Practical Chinese

    in the morning you can also just simply say 早. moreover, some people use 哈喽 for saying hello/hallo
  8. Practical Chinese

    Nice list Armitur. Thank you
  9. General Discussion

    could you please show me a screenshot of that? What browser are you using?
  10. Help me translate

    yes. that's kinda what I suspected as well (as you can read above). :=) I am living in China at the moment. And I asked some natives here and most of them are also saying that it is most probably refering to a Japanese proper name.
  11. Swede, attempting russian (this time around)

    makes sense! Russian is a tough language, but I am sure you can do it! May the language gods be with you!