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  1. caio! mi chaimo hunter. io vio in estadi unidi e parlo ingese. voglio imparare italiano perche voglio andare in italia
  2. i use all of use all of the above. I have the book italian demystified, an english to italian dictionary and a book of verbs. I also read a lot of online articles and use duolingo like someone else said.
  3. I am an absolute beginner in Italian. I can gret people, introduce myself, and thats about it. any tips and conversations would be greatly appreciated!
  4. caio. mi chiamo hunter. vivo in estadi unidi. io voglio parlare in italiano. sono un principiante.
  5. well i started because i want to become a polyglot and i can hold a decent conversation in spanish. Plus my job is to make pizzas. i should know italian.
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